TOEIC900Lv 問題出題

TOEIC900Lv 問題出題

TOEIC900点レベルの英問題を出題します。 ※出題するだけです。答えはでません 答えは? と聞くことで答えが出ます。



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TOEIC900Lv 問題出題



TOEIC900Lv 問題出題
  1. The sales department needs to ___________ its quarterly targets in order to receive a bonus.
  2. The company is considering ___________ a new product line to attract a younger demographic.
  3. The finance team has been tasked with ___________ the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.
  4. The CEO is known for ___________ innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition.
  5. It is important for employees to ___________ a strong work ethic in order to succeed in this company.
  6. The marketing team is responsible for ___________ the new advertising campaign across multiple platforms.
  7. The board of directors will ___________ a decision on the merger at the next meeting.
  8. The human resources department is ___________ candidates for the open positions within the company.
  9. The project manager is ___________ a timeline for the completion of the new construction project.
  10. The company is committed to ___________ environmentally friendly practices in its operations.

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